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Abstract Futuristic Background


Label - Kre8v Productions

Tel: +1 (312)-972-1375 |

Sound System Requirements:


1. Main PA System:

   - High-quality sound reinforcement capable of delivering clear and powerful bass frequencies.

   - Minimum of 1,400 watts for the main speakers.

   - Subwoofers with sufficient power and frequency response for deep bass reproduction.

2. Monitor System:

   - Minimum of 2 MAIN AND 1 BOOTH monitors.

   - High-quality stage monitors for clear and detailed sound.

   - Monitors should be adjustable for individual preferences.

3. DJ Booth:

   - DJ booth with a sturdy table or platform.

   - Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 or equivalent professional DJ equipment.

   - Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 or equivalent mixer.

   - If above is not equipped/available, Pioneer DDJ-RX2, RX3 or equivalent all-in-one

Lighting Requirements:

1. Stage Lighting (for larger venues):

   - Intelligent lighting fixtures for dynamic and immersive lighting effects.

   - DMX controllable lights for synchronization with music.

   - Strobe lights and color-changing LEDs.

2. Lighting Operator:

   - Experienced lighting technician to operate and program the lighting system.

DJ Equipment:

1. DJ Mixer:

   - Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 or equivalent professional DJ mixer.

   - If above is not equipped/available, Pioneer DDJ-RX2, RX3 or equivalent all-in-one

2. DJ Decks:

   - Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 or equivalent.

3. Headphones:

   - NA - Personal Pair always available.


1. Microphones:

   - NA 

2. Staging:

   - Adequate stage size for the artist's performance.

   - Carpet or foam tiles for sound insulation on stage if available.

Technical Support:

1. Sound Engineer:

   - Experienced sound engineer for setup, soundcheck, and live performance.

2. Lighting Engineer:

   - Professional lighting engineer to operate and program the lighting system.


1. Power Requirements:

   - Sufficient power outlets and power distribution for all equipment.

   - Backup power sources in case of power failures.

2. Load-In/Load-Out:

   - Clear load-in and load-out instructions.

   - Adequate time for setup and soundcheck before the performance.

3. Dressing Room (venue depending):

   - Secure and private dressing room with mirrors and seating.

4. Hospitality:

   - Refreshments and catering for the artist and the crew.


- All equipment must be in excellent working condition.

- Technical personnel should be available for consultation in advance.

- Any deviations from this rider must be discussed and approved in advance.

This rider is subject to change, and the artist's management should be contacted for any updates or modifications.

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